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Game Title: Fateful Lore

Developed by: Fantaseel Interactive

Published by: Fantaseel Interactive

Launch Date: April 30, 2020

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android

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About Fantaseel Interactive
Hi there! We are Fantaseel Interactive, a Buenos Aires based start-up devoted to the development of mid-scale, high quality, retro-inspired mobile role-playing games. This is our launch title, Fateful Lore.

We love retro, vanilla RPGs like the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, and we haven't found anything on the mobile market that caters to our taste. Most RPGs out there pretend to be epic, FF6-esque operas with grandiose plots and complex mechanics, and we feel that some of the magic is lost in that. We wanted to play a simple but fun and compelling, medium length RPG that could be played on the go, without having to resort to old, punishing games through emulation.

With Fateful Lore we've tried to create that, a retro RPG experience with the things we loved from the games we mentioned, but fine-tuned to be played on mobile devices (with things like "save anywhere", autosaves and quest-logs) and without the things we didn't so fondly remember from the games of yore (excessive grinding, punishing game overs, cryptic quests, forgetting where to go next), etc.

We have worked hard to polish this game a lot. Playtesters have loved it and we really hope our players do too!

A retro mobile RPG by Fantaseel Interactive.
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