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What is Fateful Lore?
Fateful Lore is a retro inspired, 8-bit looking RPG for Android and iOS mobile devices. This means adventure, monster slaying, treasure hunting and lots of pixels in wonderful, retro NES style!

Fateful Lore is inspired by classic RPGs like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. We found that there were no RPGs on these platforms that looked and played like the games we loved when we were young, so we decided to make one ourselves.
The Story
"Many years ago, the Kingdom of Damerel was attacked by the demoness Daglaxaak. War raged, but Daglaxaak was too powerful. When all hope was lost, a warrior by the name of Egmulf managed to banish the demon warlord to another dimension, where she was trapped for good. But peace may not last much longer, for the magic that has been keeping Daglaxaak from coming back is weakening! And it's up to you - the greatest of the King's warriors - to venture forth and prevent chaos from ensuing once again!"

A retro mobile RPG by Stonehollow Workshop.
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